We fuse art and engineering to create new ways of entertainment.

LUMMA is a company dedicated to the development of new technologies and the production of audiovisual content for the entertainment industry. We created 4D E-Motion Technology, a theatre system equipped with motion seats and outstanding special effects. You can experience wind, water, vibration, smell and air shots among other effects all perfectly synchronized with the action on the screen.


We develop new technologies and audiovisual content for the entertainment industry, advertising and education.

Interactive Attractions

Comprehensive services for theme parks, museums, promotional booths, marketing activities and entertainment centers.

Audiovisual Content

VR, AR, 3D, VFX and mapping.

Custom projects

Customized development of engineering projects with E-Motion Technology.

Motion & Effects

Motion and special effects synchronization with E-Motion Technology for various contents.

Special Formats

Movies specifically created for E-Motion Technology.


After-sales services and maintenance.