Galileo Galilei Planetarium – Buenos Aires Government

Renewal of the Planetarium Galileo Galilei for its 50th anniversary

· Development of the entire design system
· Restoration of the offices
· Restoration of the original furnishing

· Reconditioning of original structure
· Development and implementation of the new electric system
· Production of new furnishing
· Restoration and modernization of information desk and ticket office · Design and production of interactive games
· Replacement of five hundred acrylics
· Accessibility
· More than fifty new interactive contents



1. Big Bang Experience

Design and production of simulation cabins and 4D experience




2. Galibot

Investigation, mounting, and programming of the humanoid robot

3. Space Odissey

Creation of a VR experience on travelling to Mars


4. Interactive Library

Design, development and programming of educational content

5. “Cosmos Dimension” and “Universe Challenge”

Games with motion sensors